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Competition Areas

We provide a specialized service in the following areas:
Health Law


With an absolute mastery of Dominican health regulations, our experts advise on issues related to everything related to the health laws of the Dominican Republic. Including, rules and regulations. 



Malpractice Lawsuits


Medical Law energetically represents the rights of patients affected by medical malpractice, pursuing high sentences that repair the damage suffered by the victims. 


Infection Lawsuits


Infections are a serious problem in the Dominican health system. At Medical Law we aggressively demand that sanitary measures be taken to avoid these infections. This is why, when we represent a victim, we do not rest until a conviction is achieved. 



When lawsuits against doctors and health centers are unfairly produced, Medical Law also provides specialized services to prevent injustice from being committed against doctors who have not committed any negligence. 


preventive advice

The best defense is prevention. Adequately complying with preventive methods ensures that a doctor, clinic, or investor significantly reduces their exposure to litigation and eventual convictions. At Medical Law we proactively advise our clients so they do not have to go to court.

Courses and workshops

We prepare courses and workshops in medical law, and claims and defenses for medical malpractice. These courses and workshops are used by clinics, universities, doctors, and lawyers to delve into this area of law. 

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